Spiritual Readings, Tarots, Clairvoyant and more.

From £35 only for a full consultation!

If you have issues and problems with your relationships, work, love or just life in general then I am all here for you.

I operate a very discreet tarot card by telephone or face-to-face. Here, you can find empowerment and inspiration when it comes to any personal issues. I’ll advise you on relationships, love, careers and any other aspects of your life.


About Laëtitia

Laëtitia has been reading tarot since the age of 15. She inherited her psychic ability  and intuition from her maternal grandparents and works predominantly with major arcana. She can answer many kinds of questions relating to relationships, work, love, and many more, whilst linking into your past life, what is happening around you, and gaining insight into future events in your life. She developed these gifts from a very early age through my association with tarot readers, palmists, mediums, clairvoyants, psychics and spiritual healers whilst growing up. And she decided to offer her own psychic service where individuals can find truth and can find ways to move on in your life.

If you book a tarot reading with Laetitia, she will provide you with guidance, should you need it, or advice on past or future events in your life.


This is a long due testimonial. Laetitia has helped me for the past two years to overcome hardship and breakdown. She has always been very very accurate and spot on with her predictions. She is very hands on and gives you very good advice along her tarot cards reading. She has never been wrong. I would rate her more than a 5*. Very highly recommended


Laetitia is a straight to the point reader. She picked up my partner and I moving address and knew I was expecting. I had a scan today and Laetitia correctly identified the gender of my baby. I recommend Laetitia to everyone and I will call her again in a few months xxx


I am blown away by the reading I had last night!! I cannot tell you how accurate the reading was and how insightful and helpful it was too. I would definitely recommend this reader, one of the best I’ve ever had! Thank you…Lynne
Lovely Laetitia gives a very precise reading – she picks up so well on the details connected to a person and also has given me assurance that things will work out this time – but will take time to get back to where we were. Will update in a few months when this happens – Dee x
This wonderful lady is honest & to the point. She was very accurate & I was very impressed. Thank you.
Amazing succinctness and clarity! Lovely manner, my reading was a month ago, some predictions (that at the time, seemed bizarre) have already come true! Thank you Laetitia, now I’m just holding out for the rest, lots of love…Lucky
I had a reading with Laetitia and she picked up on my problem straight away. I didn’t have to tell her anything and she was really accurate with everything. She is a lovely lady and very compassionate. Look forward to speaking again xx Molarge
I have had several reading with this wonderful lady; yesterday was no exception. I would highly recommend Laetitia; down to earth and explained everything what she said would happen in 4 weeks I will keep everyone posted. Laetitia is well worth the money. Elaine
Incredible, amazing, special lady. Spends so much time and gives more than 100%. So accurate on my life and everything going on without me saying anything. Thanks Laetitia! x



Spiritual readings, tarots, mediums, clairvoyants and more