Psychic methods

There are a number of different ways in which a psychic reader can deliver your fate, fortune and future, and many readers can specialise in each of these specific methods. Before you arrange your psychic reading, explore the different methods we have outlined here and find the best route for your and your personal reading.

Methods of psychic perception

A clairaudience person receives psychic impressions by highly sensitised ear perception. The impressions are beyond normal frequency range and are heard as sounds, music and message from the spirit voices that vibrate on higher frequency level. Sometimes clairaudience is also accompanied with the ability to hear the thoughts of others with whom they are spiritually connected through mental telepathy.
A clairvoyant person receives psychic impressions by highly sensitive sense of inner sight through the mind’s eye. These types of images are not visible to the naked eye and usually flash into the psychic/medium’s mind. They can be symbols, objects, colors, people, scenes, angelic beings and spirits. A clairvoyant can also have the ability to see the imbalances or disease within the physical body.
A clairsentient person receives psychic impressions through feelings from their emotional bodies. When an angelic being or a spirit is present, a feeling or keen awareness is perceived and emotions/empathetic feelings can be relayed through these impressions. A clairsentient may also possess the ability to sense or feel imbalance or disease within the physical body.

Other aspects of other psychic perception

An empathic person has the ability to experience the feelings of another. In case of keen sensitivity, a person will actually feel the physical pain and or emotions of others as if they experiencing themselves.
A telepathic person receives communication by one mind sending messages or impressions to another without the use of words.
In psychometry a person holds an object belonging to another and receives impressions either about the object itself or about the person in which it belongs/ed.
A person who possess the ability of precognition can predict future events by receiving precognitive messages or images through meditation, vision and in dreams.
A well-known form of physical psychic ability is channeling. Channeling is performed by a psychic whose physical thought and speech pattern are transformed into spirit and angelic beings to relay specific messages or prophecies.
Another form of physical psychic abilities is spiritual energy healing .Healing energy from the spirit world is transferred through the psychic ‘s physical body to another individual’s body to promote healing.

Additional psychic and intuitive perception with different methods and tools

A pendulum is a weight, made of wood, metal, glass or crystal suspended on the end of a cord or chain. When asked a yes or no type of question, it start swinging uniquely in the direction of the user for which the question is being interpreting. The pendulum movement are in accordance with the user. One user’s ‘Yes’ answer might reflect a side-to-side motion, while somebody else could be a back and forth motion, a clockwise rotation or counter-clockwise rotation. The same action for the ‘No’ answer. The pendulum is often used as a tool for spiritual inquiries, and determining imbalances in the chakra and aura energy system
The use of cards has been widely regarded as a method of divination. Many methods are used when conducting a reading. One method lays out three cards to symbolise past, present and future. Another  method is where one card is drawn to represent the focus of the day, or guidance at hand for a specific issue.
The norse people consulted the rune stones for divination purposes. Most modern day rune sets consist of twenty-five stones, one for each of the twenty four letters of the runic alphabet and a single blank stone there are a number of ways to use the stones. First an issues or question is presented, then a single stone may be drawn, or they are laid out in one of a number of patterns or thrown to the ground. The appearing stone symbols are then interpreted to reveal guidance for the issue or question.
Traditionally crystal balls were made from clear crystal quartz. In its practice, prediction of the future  are made by interpreting shapes, figures, patterns and colors revealed. Crystal balls are also used to thin the veil the physical and spirit world sending and receiving communication.
The practice of the tea-leaf reading is also known as tasseomancy. It involves interpreting the pattern of remaining tea leaves in the tea cup. Within the tea leaf pattern of futuristic events are revealed by the interpreter.
In numerology, the birth name and/or birth date is assigned numbers and reduced to arrive at a single digit, thus representing a person’s number. The number is then interpreted for a better understanding of the overall person and life patterns.
The use of astrology was the first to be used by the chaldean. It is the ancient practice of predicting future events by studying the position and the movement of the sun, moon, and stars. The basic premise of astrological systems is that the universe is a unified whole in which all parts influence and affected each other.